Success Cases

Success Cases

Roque Flooring

Serving all Texas, Roque Flooring had a stable portfolio of satisfied clients for years. New big projects arose simultaneously, requiring immediate cash to pay for materials and labor. After reaching out to Factorway and starting a factoring relationship, enough funds were advanced to not only complete the projects but to acquire the new customers in the process. The objective was beyond a one time deal; it was to create sustainable growth.


Pro Paintz is a mid size contractor doing renovations and commercial painting in Dallas, Texas.

After the financial recession, many of their clients went very late in payments; most over 60 days. Being in serious need of cash flow to make payroll, they reached out to Factorway. Using their existing receivables as collateral, Factorway advanced $10, 000.00 and immediately started factoring the current receivables. The advanced money had a pay back plan from payment of future invoices while the new ones were bought as they were generated, allowing pro paintz to stabilize their cash flow using their receivables only; no loans. Parallel to this, Factorway assisted with a better collection process and follow up with clients to reduce their average payment time.

Internacional Trading Holding

Having orders from their customers in South America, Internacional Trading Holding was in need of cash to purchase their electronics products so they could execute their purchase orders. Factorway stepped in to pay their vendor directly in China, allowing their orders to be delivered; Additionally, Factorway financed inventory for Internacional Trading Holding to progressively increase their stock in order to decrease their lead time, therefore improving their supply chain. The sales increase due to timely deliveries as a result of having the right amount of inventory, covered the financial costs of the operation.

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Over 15 Million dollars financed last year

Over 15 Million dollars financed to successful entrepreneurs last year

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Over 50 small businesses have successfully grown using our factoring service.

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Several years of experience helping small businesses grow.

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