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This service is provided to companies that operate anywhere in the world (including the U.S.) and sell to clients in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. Advance Percentages may vary depending on your customers’ creditworthiness and range from 75% to 85%.

Inventory financing

There are instances where a wider variety of products could get you a bigger market share; similarly, your business may get better prices from suppliers by buying bigger quantities, resulting in better margins and therefore improving your net income.

In both of those cases, Factorway can step in with inventory financing and a factoring relationship.

Purchase Order Financing

When clients have a purchase order and insufficient cash to deliver the product or render the service, Factorway will finance the operation by providing the necessary funds and collecting payment from the client’s customer.

While every purchase order operation is unique, there are several guidelines used by Factorway to analyze each client’s situation prior to initiating this type of financing, including:

  • The integrity of the management team..
  • The creditworthiness of the client’s customer base..
  • The ability of the client’s supplier to provide the goods or render the service..
  • The profit margin on the transaction..
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    Factoring-Invoice Discounting can provide you with the working capital needed to grow your business, improve your cash flow and pay your operating expenses. Account receivable factoring is the fastest way of obtaining funds to fuel your growth.

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